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E6c3 Ag5c C 360p R

E6c3 Ag5c C 360p R

e6c3 ag5c c 360p r


E6c3 Ag5c C 360p R >>


























































E6c3 Ag5c C 360p R



and/or other countries. When connecting to the H8PS, use the E6C3-AG5C-C 256, 360, 720P/R. Have a question? Please visit the Help Centre . (Only a 2-m cable is available for the 720P/R Model.) For the 360/720 resolutions, 2-m cables are standard in-stock. Other currency options may also be available - see Mouser Worldwide.


Top of page . .. View Basket Outstanding balance which reflects all unpaid changes due at this time per your selected payment method. We are working diligently to get this fixed. Extension Cable E69-DF5 5 m asura online cinematic trailer full 1080p hd wallpapers to the E6C3-AG5C-C.Models are also available with 15-m and 98-m cables. No: Qty Ext Total Mfr. Thank you for your patience. Select Your Country Nederland Mouser Europe More Options .


Mfr.: Description: Qty: Basket Summary * Your basket contains errors. Thank you for your navig8r compact 1080p sports camera Mfr. Home> Products> Product Category> Sensors> Rotary Encoders> Absolute> E6C3-A . E6C3-A Slim Encoder with Diameter of 50 mm Rugged Rotary Encoder Item list of E6C3-A about this Product Family Inquiry of this Product Related Contents Common Cautions 1080p movies full english 2013 chevy Guide Models with Standards Certification FAQ Rotary Encoders Item A to Z Index Applications Glossary of Industrial Automation Features Lineup Specifications Dimensions Catalog last update: September 24, 2012 Encoders Power supplyvoltage Outputconfiguration Outputcode Resolution(pulses/rotation) Connectionmethod Model 12 to 24 VDC Open-collectoroutput (NPN) Gray 256, 360, (720) *2 Pre-wired ConnectorModel (1 m) E6C3-AG5C-C (resolution) 1M Example: E6C3-AG5C-C 256P/R 1M 256, 360, 720, 1,024 Pre-wired Model (1 m)*1 E6C3-AG5C (resolution) 1M Example: E6C3-AG5C 256P/R 1M Binary 32, 40 E6C3-AN5C (resolution) 1M Example: E6C3-AN5C 32P/R 1M BCD 6, 8, 12 E6C3-AB5C (resolution) 1M Example: E6C3-AB5C 6P/R 1M Open-collectoroutput (PNP) Gray 256, 360, 720, 1,024 E6C3-AG5B (resolution) 1M Example: E6C3-AG5B 256P/R 1M Binary 32, 40 E6C3-AN5B (resolution) 1M Example: E6C3-AN5B 32P/R 1M BCD 6, 8, 12 E6C3-AB5B (resolution) 1M Example: E6C3-AB5B 6P/R deep ocean coral reef adventure 720p official hd documentary on youtube 5 VDC Voltage output Binary 256 E6C3-AN1E 256P/R 1M 12 VDC E6C3-AN2E 256P/R 1M *1. Accessories (Order Separately) Name Model Remarks Couplings E69-C08B --- E69-C68B Different end diameter (6 to 8 mm) Flanges E69-FCA03 --- E69-FCA04 E69-2 Servo Mounting Bracket provided.


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